Media and Elections

Candidates and online media

Every duly nominated candidate is required to declare to the Returning Officer the particulars of every Internet election advertising platform (e.g. podcasts, videocasts, blogs and social networking sites like Facebook) on which election advertising is or will be published by or on his or her behalf during the campaign period, which starts with the close of nomination proceedings and ending on the eve of Polling Day. The declaration must be made using the approved form.

  Declaration of Election Advertising by Candidate (pdf file: 46 KB)

The first declaration must be sent to the Returning Officer within 12 hours after the start of the campaign period. Thereafter, a declaration must be submitted to the Returning Officer at any time before the election advertising is so published during the campaign period by or on the candidate’s behalf on any new platform.

Source :

Elections Department Singapore, Declaration of Internet Election Advertising Platforms,


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